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What Is Express Entry?

Launching Canadian Express Entry in 2015 many believe to be the actual year Canada fully opened its arms wide to receive foreign immigrants. Express Entry provides skilled and qualified immigrants swift “Express” entry into the country. Canadian immigration system as a whole coordinate permanent residency applications from immigrants. Primarily, immigrants become a perfect fit when they can fill the job market or provide skilled labor.

To Canada, the Express Entry program is a scheme it utilizes to equip provinces and territories with qualified skilled labor. As the labor market’s demands increase yearly, there’s a need to spread qualified and skillful professionals across all provinces to even the curve. Express Entry helps Canada actualize its vision of a diversified and sustainable nation by selecting economic immigrants to pair with idealistic employers.

What Is Express Entry

Streams in Express Entry

Federal skilled workers

Let’s share the requirements for all three streams quickly:

To get yourself acquainted with the fundamentals of the program, you should understand the different streams in Express Entry. You could get into the program through the Federal Skilled Trader, Federal Skilled Worker, or Canadian Experience Class streams. Understand that the eligibility criteria for each stream differ which helps the program categorize applicants better.

Federal skilled workers

As you aim to process your permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, your eligibility status must cut through language ability, work experience, and education. Applicants must have at least a one-year full-time work experience or part-time equivalence in the space of 10 years. Also, immigrants must hold a diploma or degree certificate or graduate from any Canadian Secondary School and score CLB 7 to prove fluency.

Streams in Express Entry
Federal skilled trader

Federal skilled trader

Applicants under the Federal Skilled Trader stream must meet the minimum work experiences criteria and language ability scores. To pass the language ability tests, applicants should score a minimum of a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 in writing and reading. Also, a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 score is required under listening and speaking tests.

The Federal Skill Trader stream expects candidates to have a two-year full-time minimum work experience or its part-time equivalence in the space of five years. Most importantly, all candidates should have trade certifications by their territorial authorities or Canadian provinces. Applicants can increase their chances of approval if they currently work as full-time employees in the last year.

Canadian experience class

Like other Express Entry streams, meeting the minimum language criteria and work experience requirements is mandatory when applying for Canadian Express Class. Candidates applying for jobs under the NOC O or A matrix should expect to score at least CLB 7 in their language tests. Alternatively, immigrants applying for NOC B jobs are only expected to score a minimum CLB 5.

The validation of work experience requirements when applying to the Canadian Experience Class matters a lot in this program. To qualify, you should have a 12-month minimum experience as a full-time employee or its part-time equivalence in three years. Please note that only jobs that meet the National Occupation Classification would be considered. Ensure you have experience as a skilled trader (NOC Skill Type B), professional jobs (NOC Skill Type A), managerial jobs (NOC Skill Level 0).

Canadian experience class

Who is Eligible for Express Entry?

Who is Eligible for Express Entry

The best candidates for Express Entry are persons with college or university degrees, moderately fluent in French and/or English languages, and have skilled work experience. This means keeping a full-time job in a skilled occupation for a minimum of one year in the space of ten years before applying.

To be eligible for the Express Entry program, candidates must have completed their post-secondary education meeting Educational Credential Assessment standards. Please note that a candidate’s eligibility status doesn’t confirm that they will receive an invite for permanent residency. Express Entry takes candid measures to screen stronger profiles among the crowd and pick them over those that do not meet their requirements.

How Express Entry Works

Filling the Express Entry Assessment Form

Candidates can begin the Express Entry application process by filling the assessment form online. The data required by the program would include information on language ability, candidate’s skills, work experience, and others. When an applicant meets the requirements, they should reach out to us with their details and we’d help submit the file. Upon submission, Express Entry inputs the details of eligible applicants to the pool awaiting approval.

The government of Canada screens through thousands of applicants before selecting the most qualified and inviting them for permanent residence processing. Applicants nominated by a province or territory in Canada or have job offers by Canadian employers often get formal invites for their permanent residency processing. Candidates can always register with the Canadian Government Job Bank to connect and stay updated with Canadian employers.

Filling the Express Entry Assessment Form
Invitation for Permanent Residency

Invitation by the Government for Permanent Residency Processing in Six Months

Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency by the government validates that a candidate is qualified for the Express Entry program. Approved candidates must have met the work experience, job offer, or language skill requirements before expecting an ITA from the government.

Upon receiving the ITA, eligible candidates are expected to finalize their online application in 60 days. You should submit the online application through the FSWP, CEC, or FSTP Express Entry streams to complete your permanent residency application. The majority would have their profiles and applications fast-tracked by the CIC within 6 months.


The average time it takes from the time of submission of express entry profile to the award of a permanent residence visa is about six months. Note that the processing time may vary from one individual to the other; this may be due to several factors, including incomplete data, and the likes. Your express entry profile will remain functional for 12 months; you can resubmit your application if you have not been selected within this period. This will keep your profile active and boost your chances of being selected.

You must have a written proof that you are financially capable to take care of yourself and the family member coming with you via the Canadian Express Entry program. Here are the required funds (CAD)per family members:

  • 1 family member: 12, 960 CAD
  • 2 family members: 16, 135 CAD
  • 3 family members: 19, 836 CAD
  • 4 family members: 24, 083 CAD
  • 5 family members: 27, 315 CAD
  • 6 family members: 30, 806 CAD
  • 7 family members: 34, 299 CAD

Yes, applicants can bring their dependent children, spouse, and common-law partners with them. Note that you must state the number of family members you are planning to bring along on your application.

If your spouse has also become a permanent resident in Canada once you claim him or her as dependent in your Express Entry Application. As a permanent resident, they don’t need to obtain a work visa.