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Provincial Nomination Programs for Permanent Residency in Canada

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What Does the Provincial Nomination Program Mean?

The provincial nomination program (PNP) allows each Canadian province to shortlist immigrants interested in settling in their province. PNP sorts of reassure selected applicants that they are welcomed to their desired province with a chance to become permanent residents. While immigrants have other options of becoming permanent residents in Canada, PNPs offer the most effective option of being permanent residents of a specified province.

In Canada immigration, all provinces have their customized immigration policies with each having its unique criteria and requirements. The selection method, application, and invitation process differ across all provinces. When immigrants apply to PNPs in Canada, they are presented with the option of selecting their preferred province. Also, applicants do not necessarily need job offers from their Canadian employers to qualify for PNPs.

What is Provincial Nomination Program

Am I Eligible for a Canadian PNP?

Am I Eligible for a Canadian PNP

To be eligible for a Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you must have a preferential province where you’d love to reside after migrating into Canada. Since PNPs are economic immigration programs, candidates with high levels of education, fluent language skills, and skilled work experience have higher chances of getting approved. Young applicants generally have an edge over much older immigrants trying to get into PNPs.

As each province comes up with different economic strategies, provincial nominee programs target foreign experts and skilled professionals. Please note that the primary purpose of a province inviting an immigrant is to help boost its economy. The more qualities a candidate has to offer to a province, the higher his/her chances of getting a PNP invitation. Also, having a relative within a province means the applicant is likely to remain there long-term.

Applicants with a high likelihood of staying in a province longer than the majority are given preferences over others. More importantly, having an occupation that’s of increasing demand in such a province helps your eligibility status. Self-employed immigrants, students, and semi-skilled foreign workers with the intentions of becoming permanent citizens would highly succeed in PNP applications.

How to Apply for Provincial Nomination Program

Explore One of the Two Ways of Getting into the Provincial Nomination Program

Direct PNP application

If you’ve made your decision on the province to reside in when you get to Canada, you can easily apply under the PNP of that province. The direct application process of the provincial nomination program enables applicants to process their permanent residency since they already have a province. Applications must still meet all PNP criteria to be considered. Upon selection, candidates become nominated before processing their permanent residency.

Express entry system

Another application process to consider as you show interest in the provincial nomination program (PNP) is the Express Entry system. Registration through Express Entry allows PNP applicants to fast-track the review and selection process of getting into their preferred provinces.

When a candidate passes the screening process of their potential province, they get an invitation. The document to expect is known as an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency within the specified Canadian province. You should only begin the permanent residency processing when you get the online ITA.

What is the Processing Time for a PNP Application?

The two-step application process of the provincial nomination program begins with applying to a province in Canada and ends with applying to the government. Upon sending your application to the province, the approval or rejection time frame begins. When your request gets the approval of your desired province, the invite should be sent to the federal government.

Please note that the provincial nomination program doesn’t have the jurisdiction to grant Canadian PRs to immigrants. Processing times for PNP applications in Canada vary across each province. Candidates can expect their applications processed within a few months after submitting them to the province.

What is the Processing Time for a PNP Application

Can I Qualify for a PNP if I Don’t Qualify for Express Entry?

Provincial nomination programs in Canada warrant that candidates run active Express Entry profiles to remain in the pool. However, a few provinces go ahead to issue their nominations to qualified candidates without necessarily considering Express Entry eligibility. All provincial nomination programs have different eligibility criteria which makes it difficult to give a stereotypical answer.
Consulting with a representative on your desired province’s requirements would help you understand if Express Entry is mandatory.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

As immigration consultation experts, we offer our clients high-performance services across all provincial nomination programs. At Cliick immigration, we begin every PNP consultation session by evaluating every eligibility criteria on PNPs to increase your chances of getting approved.

We help our clients to better understand the requirements of their preferred province and offer them a step-by-step guide toward applying.